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Pittsburgh Festival Opera- Kiss Me, Kate

"Portraying Fred/​Petruchio, Isaiah Feken wears a veritable millinery of hats as the director/​producer/​star of “Shrew.” Mr. Feken, gifted with a powerful baritone and expressive features he utilizes well, is the show’s most complete performer. His performance as an exasperated newlywed in “Where is the Life That Late I Led?” evoked the same pathos as his tender “So In Love”... He and Christina Overton, who plays the capricious Lilli/​Katherine, had authentic chemistry on stage, and their wordless reunion in the finale was both genuine and affecting."
"In the dual roles of Fred and Petruchio, Mr. Feken (making his professional stage debut) absolutely blew me away. His tremendous physical comedy abilities are only surpassed by his big, beautiful baritone. His star is absolutely on the rise."
-PA Theater Guide
-Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

UGA Theatre Dept.- Sweeney Todd

"Isaiah Feken portrayed the titular bloody barber who wielded blades and sang with such intensity that even his fellow performers seemed alarmed at times. Rich and theatrical, dark and severe, the vocal performances by Feken all lived up to the powerful renditions of previous Sweeney Todds. However, Feken also brought in a unique touch of playfulness to the role, occasionally allowing an affectionate smile or even a giggle when whipping up pastry-related puns with Mrs. Lovett."
-The Red and Black
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